The Roadgames app gives many opportunities to create unique, specific and exclusive games for different types of events- team buildings, PR and marketing campaigns, onboarding processes and many others.
  • Guided by a map in the app on their phone, participants discover locations and solve puzzles.
  • They see the surroundings with a different perspective, learn new interesting and curious facts.
  • Compete individually or as a team! Gather experiences and emotions that bind together.
Roadgames is an excellent choice for international groups - every game offers the possibility of a bilingual menu in Bulgarian and English.

A short video of what Roadgames is HERE.
Previous experiences HERE and HERE.
Awaken the adventurous, questing and racing spirit with Roadgames!


Email: dragomir@roadgames.com
Instagram: roadgames_bulgaria
Website: https://www.roadgames.com/en/corporate