Valentin Savov & Partners is a business law practice providing all types of business related legal and tax services to international and domestic clients. We provide full range of legal, tax and accounting (through affiliated accountants) services and court representation.

We take the necessary time to evaluate clients’ specific needs and unique circumstances to assure the highest professional performance and efficiency possible. We help our clients succeed by providing them with practical and innovative solution and legal advice. We aim at providing high-value professional services through building lasting business relationships with our clients based on expertise and client-attorney trust. Understanding the challenges of the global economy and the integrating Bulgarian market environment, we are here to deliver best services to the preferences of our clients. Through our partners abroad, we can assist you in starting companies in or receive a complex advice on the applicable legislation in numerous on and offshore jurisdictions, including the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Brazil, etc. among others.


Website: www.law-tax.bg

Phone: + 359 886 354 656

Email: vsavov@law-tax.bg