Shell is a global energy company that aims to meet the growing global need for cleaner energy solutions in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible way. The company is present in over 70 countries worldwide and has more than 80,000 employees. Shell has been present on the Bulgarian market for over 30 years and has a network of over 100 retail sites serving 1 million customers every month. The company is among the most recognizable brands for customers thanks to its high-quality products and services, and an innovative loyalty program. Shell has a leading role in the industry with its active position and contribution to the transition to a low-carbon future, its commitment to safety and DE&I priorities. The main values ​​of the company are honesty, integrity and respect for people. Shell Bulgaria is represented by Vanya Ivancheva, Country Chair and Kamelia Slaveykova, Chairman of the Board of Directors.


Website: https://www.shell.bg/