Shyield Consulting is a boutique privacy and data protection consultancy set out to devise comprehensive, actionable plans for businesses to grow through privacy compliance, not in spite of.

Our industry expertise enables us to devise actionable solutions that complement existing processes and align with our clients' business objectives, ensuring consistent value generation. We dedicate the time to study the intricacies of your business, explain the parameters of the regulatory frameworks that apply to you and tackle all relevant compliance requirements head on. We audit operations, map data, design solutions, draft policies, implement tools and measure performance, so you can confidently grow your business.

Utilising a versatile service delivery model, we are able to assist clients with assignments on a project-by-project or on a retainer basis. Our unique Virtual Privacy Officer (DPOaaS) service delivers the value of having an in-house privacy expert, allowing you to leverage our expertise whenever you need it.


Contact: Damyan Rapalov

website: www.shyieldconsulting.com