Solarpro Holding is a leading provider of various solutions for generation, systems integration and storage  of solar energy. The company is the largest EPC and O&M player in the photovoltaic industry in Eastern  Europe, with significant presence in other main EU markets, such as the Netherlands, Germany, France,  Portugal, etc. 

The Group started its PV business in 2009 and with about 3 GW installed capacity to date, more than 100  PV plants under operation and with over 1000 highly-skilled professionals, the company has significant  experience in engineering, installation, operation and maintenance of PV systems (on-grid, off-grid and  hybrid). In addition to being a general contractor and construction service provider, Solarpro has very  strong Project Development and R&D capacity.


Address: 41 Hristofor Kolumb blv., fl. 7, 1592, Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 2 422 41 52

E-mail: office@solarpro.bg

Website: www.solarpro.bg

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