Building Smart Solutions that Create Business Impact

We provide end-to-end software solutions in four main areas: Consultancy, Digital Transformation, Smart Applications & IT Infrastructure.  

We have decades of experience, 450 completed projects in our portfolio, and a team of 250 highly skilled developers, so we have the know-how to develop and implement even the most ambitious software solutions.

We don’t outsource, which means our clients know they can rely on us and trust us. From our operations in three European countries, we go beyond the physical and mental limitations in our market. Together, we can nurture your application for your product’s complete life cycle.

Nearsurance is our unique work model that brings the benefits of outsourcing software development services while also having local team members present at the client’s site. It ensures high quality, increased productivity, and competitive pricing.


Address: 10 A, Maystor Aleksi Rilets, Sofia 1618, Bulgaria

Website: www.strypes.eu/

Email: business@strypes.eu

M: +359 893516833