Project , Change, Strategic, Management services delivered in a flexible and customer-friendly way


A firm focus on client needs and value creation, time and cost efficiency, transparency and accountability, clarity and timeliness of reporting, continuous improvement.


We aspire to make our company a great place for outstanding people to work, learn and grow together, in collaboration with client, partner and supplier staff.


We operate to high standards of ethics and professional conduct, in a socially and environmentally responsible way, setting an example and providing leadership in these areas in our local communities.

Our Approach


We practice continuous learning and improvement to capture the value of our teams’ experience gained managing complex projects in challenging environments.

We put the insights and lessons thus captured to work for our clients, deploying the right skills, processes, controls and communications at the right times.


Our style is straightforward and goals-oriented, proactive and positive, promoting a sense of ownership and a spirit of collaboration.

We proudly exploit our boutique-firm advantages: our entrepreneurial drive, our creative approach to delivering customer value, and our commitment to simplicity and the elimination of waste.


Our tools and systems enable stakeholders to stay focused on the big picture while placing the appropriate level of information at their fingertips.


Address: Sofia, 13 Ovcha Kupel Blvd.

E-mail: info@synopticsconsulting.com

T:  +359 888 312 011 (Bulgaria), +44 7526 921 671 (UK)

WEB: synopticsconsulting.com