The Technology Transfer Associates (TTA) has a proven track record in international markets.  The team has worked with governments, key embassies, parliamentary committees, European and American technology driven companies. We have on the ground experience in countries from Africa, South America, and Europe, including Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States. The wide range expertise of our associates insures the high quality of advisory services offered by Technology Transfer Associates.

The Technology Transfer Associates vision is anchored on two primary drivers. The first is that movement to a knowledge based economy is a vital and integral part of our concept of economic development, regional growth, and job creation. Our strategy focuses on leveraging science and technology achievements generated by regional Scientific Academies, Universities, and entrepreneurs to accelerate transition and economic growth to an economy built on solutions and products of science and technology.

The second primary driver anchoring our vision is the targeted transfer through effective delivery mechanisms, of technologies with high value knowledge based products and services. Technology Transfer Associates working with leading international companies is committed to delivering scientific and technology solutions that dramatically impact opportunities for economic development and the rapid upgrading of large economic sectors of a country or region.


Technology Transfer Associates

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