The Cotswold Gorilla Experience is a collection of novel, fun experiences who’s primary aim is to  provide individuals and groups with increased fortitude.

The fortitude of an individual or collective character, is deeply rooted in the bedrock of our will.  Through experiential learning, Cotswold Gorilla Experience, will cultivate the strengthening of a person  or collectives will, to face whatever comes.

Our programmes and services are broken down and focused on three key market segments:

- Education, particularly young adults

- Corporate

- Pay & play

The Cotswold Gorilla Experiences is the sole Bulgarian based representative of Challenge Academy  UK, https://www.challengeacademy.co.uk/ Challenge Academy, UK, have for 10 years been at the  cutting edge of developing novel "experiential programmes" to help both individuals and groups  across all segments of society to be the ‘best version of themselves they can be’. 


For further information on our programmes and services please contact:

Mr. Andy Elliott

E: andy.elliott52@gmail.com

T: 0879 000 897