Umni.bg is a chatbot agency creating, maintaining, training and developing chatbots for businesses from various industries – finance, healthcare and beauty, tourism, HR, entertainment, and others. Umni chatbots automate FAQ and routine tasks like inquiries, orders, status check, questionnaires and others, and assist customers through integration with data base, CRM and other systems and platforms. Umni also has created successfully entertainment chatbots targeting the achievement of sales and marketing goals.

What makes Umni different from other chatbot service providers is the Umni original chatbot management platform MyBot. It simplifies and speed up the creation, implementation, and maintenance of an AI chatbot as it does not require technical skills to use. MyBot allows businesses to manage on their own promotions, content, and functionalities in their chatbot fast and easy from one place, at any time, no coding.

The core functionality of MyBot is the centralized industry conversational AI module that makes the chatbots for businesses from the same industry smarter faster.

Among Umni customers are Diners Club Bulgaria, Queen Juices, Dermatology Clinic Reverse, Varna Regional Library, 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels, travel agencies and other. In 10-months case study, Umni chatbot saved average 12 minutes per customer or up to 150 hours per month to the Reservation and Sales team of TEZ Tour Bulgaria, taking hundreds of inquiries monthly, 24/7. In 2020, the Umni bots responded to over 1.5 million messages in 12 months.


Contact person: Elitza Stoilova, CEO

Tel: +359 895 190 022

E-mail: e.stoilova@umni.bg, sales@umni.bg

Web: www.umni.bg