For the first time, the term "artificial intelligence" was mentioned in 1956 at a conference at Dartmouth University. 68 years later, AI is all around us and still so mysterious. Join us on July 11 at Toplozentralata, where in just 3 hours you will understand what AI actually is and how it will change the way we live, work, learn, and have fun. With an engaging story and structured information, Petar Petrov will surprise you, scare you, sadden you, make you laugh, but he will not leave you indifferent.

Who is this event for?

If you are lost in the media noise and still unclear about the enormous benefits and risks of AI, this event is just for you! Whether you are involved in technology, business, or interested on a personal level, the information from Petar will give you a new perspective.

What to expect?

An easily accessible and interactive presentation through which you will understand the essence of AI. Feedback from Petar's lectures is extremely positive (9.67 out of 10). Despite the initial shock, all attendees share a feeling of enlightenment - discovering new possibilities and action plans.

Where, when, and how?

● Date: July 11, 2024 (Thursday), 6:00 PM

● Price: 90 BGN

● Tickets: Online from HERE.

● Venue: Toplozentralata, Hall 1 (Sofia 1408, Emil Bersinski St. 5)

Special discount code for 15% for BBBA Members: bbbaspai

What will you hear?

1. Why are predictions about the future becoming more important and more difficult?

2. The most impressive examples from the world of AI.

3. Why is AI exploding right now?

4. Neural networks - the foundation of intelligence as a whole.

5. Definitions of AI from different perspectives.

6. Is AI a living being?

7. Large language models like ChatGPT.

8. Historical perspective and comparisons with the most significant events for humanity.

9. The speed of development is unprecedented, but why don't we feel it?

10. Definition and importance of AGI/ASI for the stability of our world.

11. What will our world look like when the AI we have invented so far is everywhere?

12. What will our world look like with technologies we expect to be invented in the next 10


13. Does AI have consciousness and a subconscious? A soul?

14. Robots are a fact. Are we ready for them?

15. What will happen to the job market?

16. Scenarios for the future of our world.


 ● 18:00 - 18:30 Registration

● 18:30 - 19:30 First part

● 19:30 - 20:00 Break

● 20:00 - 21:00 Second part ● 21:00 - 22:00 Light cocktail

Don't let the future just happen to you, participate proactively in its creation. We believe this event will be an experience that will empower you, broaden your horizons, and ultimately help you improve your quality of life.

Reserve your spot now, come with relatives and/or friends.

More about Petar: Petar is the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at Eleven Venture Capital, where he supports a portfolio of 70 startups in implementing artificial intelligence in every possible way to stay competitive. He graduated in finance and neuropsychology from CUNY New York, which sparked his interest in natural and later artificial intelligence. He is the author of the book "Artificial Intelligence: Soul and Silicon," which examines the upcoming changes in society as a result of artificial intelligence. He helps companies and educational organizations build strategies to deal with changes from AI. He writes daily about AI on Petar's LinkedIn.