Dear BBBA members,

We have the pleasure to invite you to the Annual General Meeting of the British Bulgarian Business Association. Let's look back at a challenging year, plan together the upcoming 12 months for the BBBA community. Join us for networking drinks after that.

When: Tuesday, 12 October, 5.00 pm

Where: Novotel Hotel Sofia


1.    Welcome and introductory remarks by BBBA Chairman, Mrs. Miroslava Alexandrova

2.    Welcome by the British Ambassador, Mr. Rob Dixon HMA

3.    Activity Report for the period October 8th 2020– October 12th 2021

4.    Scope of 2021- 2022 BBBA Activities and Budget

5.    Approval of the financial statements for the period January 2020 – December 2020

6.    Changes in the BBBA Statutes*

7.    Release of Board Members from Office and Liability
8.    Presentation of Board Member Candidates
9.    Election of Board Members
10.  Miscellaneous
11.  Networking Cocktail

Please RSVP at the button below no later than September 30. This invitation has also been published with the corporate file of BBBA in the register of non-profit legal entities kept by the Registry Agency in the legally required time frame.


Please take note that the member representative attending the meeting to vote should be the Authorised Person (МОЛ) and should bring suitable ID. In case this person is unavailable then the authorised person may appoint a proxy for the purpose of voting at this meeting. In any case where a member is represented at the meeting by a person other than its statutory representative(s), the provision of written power of attorney (download template HERE), evidencing the representative powers of the respective person shall be required.

Note that there will be 5 vacancies for the BBBA Board of Directors. Nominated candidates will have the opportunity to present themselves in front of BBBA members at the Annual General Meeting. If you would like to extend nominations for the BBBA Board of Directors you can learn how to do it HERE.

How to cast your vote:

In view of the current COVID-19 situation, we have added more options to express your vote. Members will have three options to vote:

  • Visit the BBBA office from 9:00 am to 4 pm on October 12, and cast your vote and sign the attendance list. In case you wish to vote this way please register HERE.
  • Provide a Power of Attorney to another BBBA member to vote on your behalf (maximum three PoAs per member). You can contact another member directly or contact the BBBA office if you need assistance.
  • Attend the event and vote in person if you are the Authorised person or with a Power of Attorney from the Authorised person at your company.

* Changes in the BBBA Statute

Article X/C

(2) The Management Board shall consist of 5 (five) to 11 (eleven) members elected by the General Assembly. An ex officio member of the Management Board shall be the commercial attaché to the British Embassy in Bulgaria. The ex officio member of the Management Board shall not have voting rights. Each member of the Management Board shall be appointed for a term of 24 (twenty-four) months, save for the mandate of the first Management Board set forth in Article XVII below. No member shall be entitled to serve more than 3 (three) consecutive terms on the Management Board.

To be amended to “to serve more than 2 (two) consecutive terms on the Management Board. ”

(3) Former members of the Management Board may be re-elected to the Management Board after the expiry of three consecutive terms for another three consecutive terms, but in any case not earlier than after the expiry of 24 (twenty-four) months from the end of their last term.

To be amended to: “two consecutive terms for another two consecutive terms”


BBBA would like to assure you that all necessary anti-epidemic measures will be in place for the event.

These will include as follows:

  • The event guests will be limited by 2 representatives per company
  • Disinfection measurements will be taken
  • Physical contact (handshakes) will be avoided
  • Should you feel uncomfortable you are more than welcome to wear face masks or coverings inside
  • Seats and cocktail tables will be arranged enabling guests to maintain social distance
  • Distribution of drinks and food will be limited to avoid contact
  • Catering staff will wear protective masks and gloves