BCause Foundation will mark #GivingTuesday (#ЩедриятВторник) on 1 December 2020

This year the celebration of generosity and giving is on 1 December (after the Black Friday). BCause Foundation, which is the official partner for Bulgaria of the world movement, supports Bulgarian organizations, companies, individuals and media to mark the day and spread the word about it.

Since 2012 #GivingTuesday/#ЩедриятВторник has been the day in which technologies and virtual communities help millions of people to give and share as well as hundreds of thousands organizations throughout more than 100 countries around the globe to meet new and old supporters. All together celebrate generosity and the changes it brings about in the life of all people and the environment. On this day online giving platforms will once again raise millions, and the organizations will open (at least virtually) their doors to volunteers and friends, in order to show their work and the results from it.

#GivingTuesday/#ЩедриятВторник in 2020 in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria we will mark #GivingTuesday for the fourth time – with a one-month online giving campaign at platformata.bg and at DMS17777.

We expect more than 50 companies and organizations to take part in the campaign.

12 organizations will be particularly supported in their participation at the #GivingTuesday Accelerator, which we organize for the first time. There they will receive training, an individual mentor and communication support.

This year our #GT2020 video is entirely dedicated to Bulgarian organizations and their devoted work with children, young people, old people, Bulgarian culture, education and environment:


We will once again publish Organizations and Companies Workbooks, where we will include advice what they can do to mark the day.

All information will be uploaded to http://givingtuesday.bcause.bg

This year’s campaign motto is “Donate for a cause, close to your heart!

Everyone can take part in #GivingTuesday! Here are a few ideas how:

  • Go to DMS and Platformata.bg and choose a cause, which you want to support.
  • Look for our Facebook frame, dedicated to #GivingTuesday/#ЩедриятВторник and add it to your profile picture
  • Share with your friends in social networks about the campaign and add the hashtags: #GivingTuesday, #ЩедриятВторник, #GivingTuesdayBulgaria, #GivingTuesdaybg
  • Be creative! Be generous on 1 December – by donating, by volunteering, by sharing.
  • Spread the information about #GivingTuesday in Bulgaria. Let’s flood the network with kindness and generosity.

Why BCause Foundation is the Bulgarian partner of #GivingTuesday?

BCause Foundation is an organization, whose work focuses on giving, developing the giving culture as well as social investments.

One of our most important activities is to make popular and support giving cause by providing easy and convenient ways to give. Having this in mind, we initiate and take part in various projects, which inform, analyze, inspire and celebrate giving and generosity.

Each year we support more than 200 campaigns to raise money through the platform for sending donor texts and online donations DMS 17777, the giving online platform Platformata.bg and our system for payroll giving.

For more information on how you can take part:

For media: Diana Stoykova, e-mail: diana@bcause.bg, Phone:  0884 296 290

For organizations: Lyudmila Atanassova, e-mail: lucy@bcause.bg; Phone: 0884 645 206;

For companies: Vesselina Yordanova, е-mail: veselina@bcause.bg; Phone: 0885 734 885