We would like to share with you an event happening on 11 May with focus on the IT sector.

When and Where?

Tuesday, May 11, 2021, doors open 18:55, for 19:00 start, London time. https://www.meetup.com/brum-ai/events/275042708/ RSVP and ZOOM link

Speaker 1 - Miguel Lobato

Miguel is a lecturer in Machine Learning at the Department of Engineering of the University of Cambridge. In Nov 2020 he made the Alan Turing Institute AI Accelaration Fellows list with only 14 other leading researchers from various UK institutes, and his focus is ‘Machine Learning for Molecular Design’. The fellowship supports the best and brightest AI researchers enabling them to become world-leading researchers in the five years of the award

Speaker 2 - Sharada Mohanty.

The CEO / Co-Founder at AIcrowd, an opensource platform for organising machine learning challenges on a variety of real world problems. In a previous life, he was working at the Theoretical Physics department at CERN, on the CERN Public Computing Challenge, an experimental effort to crowdsource the compute requirements of physicists at CERN by allowing donations of people's unused computing power. Sharada is going to touch on their AMDL 2021 Flatland Challenge - Scheduling trains in a simulated railway network

About BrumAI

BrumAI - Birmingham Artificial Intelligence Meetup

A place for AI and Machine Learning boffins, and get together and discuss how we're using Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, AI Planning, Clustering, Reinforcement Learning etc to change the way their companies do business, invent new products, enhance existing ones or just make things work better.

If you're using AI / ML at work, are studying it at Uni or online, or have read (or written!) an interesting paper recently, come along and tell us about it!

Check out their meetup page using the link below - all BrumAI links (incl our Slack community, Twitter, Meetup, LinkedIn)