We cordially invite you to participate in this webinar on June 16 th at 11.00-12.00 

During the webinar experts from Deloitte and Kyriba will discuss how finance & treasury managers can adapt their functions to a new, more digital environment and make their cash management, cash forecasting as well as payments processes more effective.

Main topics of discussion will be:

1. Key challenges faced by treasury departments in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic:

a. lack of real-time holistic view on the cash position and no automatic cash reconciliation across various bank accounts;

b. delayed and inaccurate view on the status of receivables and payables;

c. difficulties in reconciliation between accounting and payment systems;

d. lack of active and timely management of working capital;

e. limited verification of creditworthiness of counterparties.

2. Would the implementation of a treasury management IT system increase the efficiency of my treasury department? How to perform an initial evaluation?

3. How can IT solutions support creating a more efficient treasury function? 

a. access to cash balance information in real-time;

b. solutions supporting accurate cash forecasting;

c. automation of the payments processes.

Event is free of charge but requires a registration.