BBBA member Bullsoft along with their partner Acronis are inviting you to a webinar on November 23, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM. The topic is: "Cybersecurity for a Sustainable Business: New EU Regulations and Best Practices."

After the pandemic, the cyber landscape has undergone significant changes, with most businesses now relying heavily on the internet. Cyberattacks have become increasingly common, with a nearly 600% increase since 2020. Cybercriminals are becoming more inventive, including in Bulgaria, where the number of individuals and companies with compromised and lost data due to external interference is on the rise. This can lead to serious financial and organizational consequences for any business and a loss of trust from customers. In practice, every internet-connected device can be hacked.

In response to the growing challenges in the digital space, the EU adopted a new cybersecurity directive, NIS2, at the beginning of 2023, which all member states must incorporate into their legislation.

More information about the webinar and registration here.