The remarkable success of the first two editions of the youth science fest "Hello, Space! | Bulgaria Calling!", organized by the national Space & STEAM Cluster and the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, with the decisive support of the U.S. Embassy in Sofia and NASA (Houston), turned the project into an annual one. The next, third edition of "Hello, Space! | Bulgaria Calling!", is scheduled for June 29, 2023, Thursday, again at Sofia Tech Park.

The topics are again: Space and the Universe, black holes, teleportation and quantum encryption, time travel, cloning and living to the limits of immortality, Antarctica and basically everything that Jules Verne and fiction have thought of or not yet. They inspire the youthful imaginations, dreams, and scale to higher, deeper, and further, beyond the visible horizon of everyday life and "Ahead of the Future!".

The project is realized also with the support of CERN (Geneva), the European Space Agency, the QUASAR project — Bulgaria, the Faculty of Physics at the SU, the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics (BAS), Lockheed-Martin, SatCen — the EU Satellite Centre, the America for Bulgaria Foundation, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, TechnoMagicLand, Muzeiko, Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority, Telerik Academy, Higher Naval School "N. Y. Vaptsarov" (Varna), as well as the Bulgarian Armed Forces. *)

The first editions were physically attended by over 3,000 people, and their combined broadcast and electronic audience exceeded 22 million highly educated and engaged professionals from around the world.

“Hello Space! | Bulgaria Calling!” 3.0 is planned to build on the program with exciting new projects combining science, technology, and art, and with it we will also mark the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the US and Bulgaria, with the expectation that they will catalyse the flight of a third Bulgarian astronaut into Space and the stars, to the Nobels and the Oscars.

Since the event is completely free for children from all over the country, their teachers and parents, its funding will be provided by several key supporters, who are also welcomed to invest their personal imagination by having their own stand and/or laboratory and interactively presenting their achievements and professional dreams in the fields of Space & STEAM.

We will be happy to discuss your expectations from such participation in our common stellar safari!

For further details, you can contact Angel Antonova, "Programs and Projects" manager, at or via tel. 088 330 304