Kambourov & Partners and BBBA are delighted to invite you to a seminar on the topic of ''Intellectual property tips and tricks for SMEs''. Join us to hear useful tips from the experts on how to help your SME.  

When: 9 April

What time: 9:30 - 12:00

Where: Missia23 (Mizia 23 Str, 1124, Sofia) 

Work language: Bulgarian 

Participation in the seminar is free of charge but requires a registration below. 

For yet another year the EUIPO and the EU Commission have launched the Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund offering up to 75% reimbursement of administrative fees. Very few of the eligible SMEs from Bulgaria have benefited from the fund simply because of lack of sufficient and timely information on the necessary steps.

The existing types of IPR and the means for their protection consist in a complex issue. Another major issue SMEs face is the lack of sufficient expertise to identify and properly protect their IPRs. Many SMEs managers are unaware of the valuable IP assets their companies possess and are thus unable to protect and monetize them properly.

The seminar will cover 2 topics by the expert speakers of the Kambourov's team: 

  • Topic 1 – How to identify and protect the IP assets of an SME? How to reduce the costs for protection of IP benefiting from the EU’s SME Fund?
  • Topic 2 – How to protect the software assets of an SME? Specifically written software, off- the-shelf software and third-party software?

This seminar is right for you if:

  • You represent a SME that may be the owner of an intellectual property asset;
  • You are looking for guidance as to how to identify the IPRs within your company;
  • You are looking for guidance as to how to protect the IPRs within your company;
  • You are planning on registering IPRs and you wish to be reimbursed for some of the expenses;
  • Your SME is relying on software that is of a strategic interest to the company;
  • Your SME uses specifically written software.

Kambourov & Partners’ professionals will cover the following topics:

  • What are the main types of intellectual property rights that may exist in a SME? – trademarks, designs, patents, copyrights, know-how.
  • How to identify the strategic IPRs of a SME?
  • What are the possible means of protection of the SME’s IPRs?
  • What types of expenses may be reimbursed using the Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund?
  • What are the requirements and procedures to benefit from the Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund?
  • How to identify and protect the software assets of a SME?
  • What are the particularities of the specifically written software, off-the-shelf software and third - party software?
  • What are non-disclosure agreements and what is their use?
  • Means of protection through the Commercial Secret Protection Act.

Our speakers: 

Yana Todorova, a cornerstone of Kambourov & Partners' IP and TMT practices, blends a decade of expertise with scholarly insights from Paris I – Sorbonne University, where she earned her master's in intellectual property law. She has 10 years of experience representing clients in the fields of trademarks, copyright, and designs. In addition to being a lawyer admitted to practice with the Bulgarian Patent Office, the EU IP Office, and the World Intellectual Property Organisation, Yana is also a qualified appraiser of intellectual property rights. 

Mario Arabistanov stands as a central pillar within Kambourov & Partners’ TMT practice. With a decade of experience, he has supported a wide array of clients, including telecoms, IT and data processing service providers, software developers, hardware suppliers, and banks. Mario provides expert assistance in telecom licensing and compliance, content compliance, sector competition, as well as the exploitation, supply, and usage of IT, networks, telecommunications, ISP, and broadcast services. The main focus in his practice is on data protection, the deployment of software/hardware, and the safeguarding of intellectual property rights.