Through our work with dozens of science scale-ups, Sagana have learned that leaders like you encounter similar challenges in the transition from building a product to scaling and commercializing that product: The emergence of silos between your business and science teams. This communication and collaboration disconnect negatively impacts your business performance and ability to scale quickly.

Gain valuable insights from their expert people practices consultants - as well as a community of peers - on how to bypass and break down these siloes.

During this session, Sagana will:

· Share a 3-stage maturity model for science-based startups

· Provide tips on how to use it in designing your talent strategy for 2024

· Dedicate time for peer-to-peer discussion

As they conclude with an interactive Q&A and networking session, you'll have time to ask questions, exchange insights, and connect with fellow leaders in science-based impact startups. It's an opportunity to enhance your business performance in this challenging economic environment.

Meet Sagana's impact startup people practices specialists:

  • Kimberly Manno Reott – Talent Partner

With 20+ years of global experience at the intersection of strategy, impact, talent, and entrepreneurship, Kimberly leads the Sagana Talent team practice. She works with founders to build mission aligned, healthy organizations through strategic and inclusive talent strategies.

  • Miranda Honcoop – Talent Director

Miranda leads the design and implementation of people practices for our global clients. She is a certified talent professional with a background in human resources and talent consulting. She specializes in building inclusive and impact-driven cultures.

Тhank you to our friends from BEX for bringing this opportunity to our attention!