The “ESG reporting for experienced professionals. Upgrading from GRI to ESRS” training is specially tailored to the needs of participants who already have experience with ESG reporting and do not need to start from the basics. It will take place live online on 28 May 2024 from 14:00 to 17:30 EEST.

You will appreciate this training if you already report on sustainability on a voluntary or mandatory basis, based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards) or another methodology. Although this is a very good ground for fulfilling the future obligations imposed on large EU companies and groups by the CSRD directive, there are some significant differences that will require a robust preparation.

We will take you through the major differences between voluntary (e.g. GRI based) and mandatory CSRD reporting and explain their practical implications for the report content, process and sustainability governance.

Part of the topics to be covered are: 

  • Double materiality assessment – extended by financial perspective of ESG matters;
  • Inter-operability, similarities and differences between GRI and ESRS requirements and indicators;
  • New mandatory disclosures in ESRS (differences and additions);
  • Inclusion of entity-specific (industry) disclosures in the absence of ESRS sector standards

and more.

You can find more about the content of the training here.

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