We have the pleasure to share with you an article by Capital about BBBA member Rustic Reserve.

A few years ago, Barbara Page-Roberts produced homemade gin from sloe, but then turned it into a business. Then she decides to enter the alcohol business with her partners Ivan Krachunov, owner of "Agrotime", and James Moseley.

''It all started with love, love for the Bulgarian nature, love for the amazing fruit gins that we could make from wild fruits ", says Barbara Page-Roberts, creator of the Bulgarian gin producer Rustic Reserve. Born in England, Page-Roberts started producing sloe gin and cornel gin, herbs which she accidentally found in the area near Pleven during a walk in 2015. Back then the idea was to make homemade Christmas gift for family and friends, as in England sloe gin is drunk at Christmas. Later, she met the current partner Ivan Krachunov from Agrotime and decided to turn the one-off case into the production of high-quality boutique gin.

Prior to the establishment of Rustic Reserve, Paige-Roberts had no experience in the industry. She came to Bulgaria for the first time in 1984 and dealt with the transfer of technology from England, supplying frames for glasses and lenses in Panagyurishte. In 1989 she established her own pharmaceutical distribution company, and in 2003 finally left England and started living in Bulgaria. "This is the unique thing in our history - an Englishwoman who makes real gin, entirely inspired by Bulgarian nature," says Paige-Roberts.

You may find the article here. Please note that it is in Bulgarian.