We’re living in the Second Renaissance but this time it’s Digital.

Today, we have innovations that can turn the industrial world upside down, in the same way that Leonardo da Vinci's inventions have done over the last 6 centuries.


Telco and Utility industries are among the most affected by the Digital Renaissance. They have two possibilities in front of them:

1.Manage to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies and conquer the industrial world

2.Fail to adapt to the new environment and collapse

Join Sappience and Microsoft with great lineup of speekers for a live webinar and discover what the future holds for Utility and Telco. You’re about to learn:

  • What's next? The industries in the time of the Digital Renaissance and its challenges
  • The Evolution of Asset Management - From PAS 55 to PaaS
  • How to bring the Digital Twins to life and boost business performance
  • Asset Insider: Discover the home for Digital Twins with Special Use Cases

What: Live Webinar     Date: 16 July 2020

Starts: 14:00 CET     Duration: 75 min

By the end you will:

  • Know how to address the main challenges in Utilities and Telco
  • Be able to describe and understand how the Digital Twins work and what are their requirements
  • Have seen special real-life use cases and understand how to adjust them for your enterprise’s needs

Make the most for your business to thrive in the Renaissance with the help of the Digital Twins. Just follow the button or the link to the to the Webinar.