SBR Consulting is organizing a focused workshop, limited for only 20 delegates.

When:  21st of  March, Wednesday – a condensed 4 hour workshop from 3pm to 7pm.

Where: Sofia, Bulgaria - 28 Todor Aleksandrov  Blvd. -  Office Center 

Tickets are available here:

The topic discussed at this workshop is on improving your company’s business development and how to influence your people to attain consistently better results.

An effective and inspirational leader can make all the difference between a sales team which habitually finds reasons why a target cannot be hit, and one which consistently comes in over target. All too often salespeople are promoted into a management position because of previous success in the company and/or experience within the industry, rather than on actual managerial experience.

You will learn:

  • How to understand what motivates each of your people (this will be Money, Service, Personal Growth)
  • How to help them set meaningful goals that align with your business objectives (10 steps to Goalsetting)
  • How to structure regular accountability conversations to ensure ongoing achievement (C.O.A.C.H. model, expanded and detailed)
  • How to confront poor performance so that it results in improvement, not resentment (Constructive Confrontation)
  • How to conduct sales meetings that people want to attend

Learn from experiences of working with many thousands of salespeople across industries. We will impart attitudes and practices that you can immediately adopt to take your personal coaching of sales and business developers to new levels. Don’t expect speeches: this will be a practical, 4 hours hands-on workshop experience which will equip you with tools and confidence to influence results.

Dan Moore, Senior Partner at SBR Consulting, a 1976 Honours Graduate from Harvard University with over 30 years of sales management development training to more than 80,000 sales people will be flying over and speaking at the event. He will be joined by Toma Staykov, the country manager of SBR in Bulgaria who specialises in winning business and designing, delivering and embedding Leadership and sales & business development programmes.