RPA is experiencing a steady market growth, replacing repetitive tasks and cumbersome processes with streamlined precision and saving time to focus on growth and expansion.

But, how do businesses scale the technology most effectively while overcoming the challenges that come along with it? Employee resistance, third-party implementation, data science and machine learning skillsets are important topics which need to be addressed through a cohesive action plan.

Join our expert panel of speakers to learn the ins and outs of managing RPA responsibly and the best way to prepare for successful implementation. Your most burning questions will be answered during an interactive Q&A session.

Here is what the webinar will cover:

• How to select the right processes to automate

• How to mitigate internal resistance through successful change management

• The short and long-term benefits of implementing RPA in your company

We look forward to meeting you!

*If you are unable to join the live session, make sure to register and we will send you the recording.


Marc-Joël Fortelny

Senior Expert RPA Solution Architect & Business Analyst at OMV

Maya Milanova

Managing Director Business Process Services at Flow Logic

Viktor Bilyanski

Founder and Member of Board of Directors at Scalefocus