Are you ready...?

The Summer 2020 Exec Peer Space Experience starts in just 4 days, this coming Monday 20th July (17.00 UK / 19.00 Bulgaria).

Whilst I am in Bulgaria I am expecting 'Exec Peers' from around the World to join, virtually, for just 75 mins per week each Monday evening (Europe time) for the next six weeks.

These will, I'm sure, be the most productive, connecting and useful 75 minutes of your week over the rest of the Summer!

Register here if you know you are ready to commit to doing this and haven't yet

It's been such strange times for us all so I will absolutely haggle over payment and am more than happy to accept, for example, a good contact referral (like a payment in kind) instead of real money if you prefer. We can figure this all out over the coming weeks.

Or otherwise just mail me. Perhaps come along to the first session if you feel the urge, if you're 'still on the fence', see how it is for you and then take it week by week.

The sessions will be held here - /
Meeting ID - 860 4918 8437

Appreciate if you can let me know your intentions by Monday 20th so I can manage numbers (by 12.00 UK / 14.00 Bulgaria).

Here are the five value adds, the reasons I really feel you should be part of this, why you won't regret it!:
1. It's often lonely at the top (for senior leaders), on the road (for travelling execs) and at the start (for founders) in business. The value of a connected peer space can make it feel much less so. Especially at times like this.
2. You will grow your network and connect with like-minded peers at a time when it is not so easy to do that.
3. There's alot to process and figure out just now too, the value of sharing the burden with others in a similar boat, specifically wrt Covid and post-Covid (or not), shouldn't be under-estimated.
4. And however it's going, who has all the answers anyway?, even at the best of times, so there'll be some time to share and discuss challenges and gain new perspectives from others too.
5. It's only 75 minutes per week, and the intention is to tailor these to be as productive as possible, so we intend these 6 sessions to be the best spent 7 1/2 hours of your Summer.

I realise there are more good reasons to be part of this, we'll play with some collaborative initiative ideas towards the end that could develop beyond the Summer, and I'll share more on other ways to engage with, partner or invest in the Peer Space and its spaces.

Finally, here's the preview video for the 'only ever' Summer 2020 Exec Peer Space Experience -
Embrace Your Space this Summer!