As public interest in sustainability continues to climb, many cosmetic manufacturers are opting for more natural and environmentally friendly ingredients and more sustainable brands are  being introduced to the market. But the benefits of green beauty products extend beyond  trends — increasing studies show that conventional cosmetics is heavy burden on the environment due to its unsustainable practices. 

With rising awareness, customers tend to purchase more environmental-friendly alternatives and the natural cosmetics market continues to grow rapidly and consistently. That is the good  news as brands are increasingly jumping into the sustainable beauty trend and sector  becomes more and more green. 

Department for International Trade (DIT) Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Slovak Republic is delighted to invite you to join a free webinar on Sustainable Beauty and learn more about  challenges and opportunities in the beauty sector from UK industry experts and sustainable  British companies.

Key UK decision-makers will share opinions and views on the latest trends in the area of  sustainable beauty, as well as share their know how on sustainable consumption. 

Date: Tuesday 9 March 2021

Time: 15:30 – 17:30 hrs BG time

Format: Fully virtual

Fee: Free of charge 

At the attachment bellow you can learn more about the agenda of the event.