BBBA have the pleasure to share with you an interview for Capital with Tanya Koseva-Boshova, the Chairman of the Board of the Association of Business Building Owners in Bulgaria. 

Did people start returning to work in office buildings? 

It is different for different companies. Many global companies, especially American ones, still organize their work from the homes of their employees. They do not differentiate between the degree of risk in different countries - the rules are the same for all their units. Between 10% and 30% of the employees of these companies are expected to return to their offices in July, and the rest are planned to do so gradually after the summer. A small number of companies have left the return for the beginning of next year. 

However, many Bulgarian and many European companies have already returned to their usual way of working. Others, such as financial institutions, have divided their people into teams that rotate and work in offices on a rotating basis. 

Click here to read the whole interview. Please note that the article is in Bulgarian. 

Source: Capital