Patience is always challenging but it's fruit - infinitely sweet. After the previous long, peculiar and difficult months, it's time again to see each other on the round red TEDxVitosha carpet. Walk with them on unexplored paths while exploring hidden nooks of the human mind and its abilities.
The date is 08.08.2020 (Saturday), the place - Quartal Food Park, the event - TEDxVitoshaLive: Uncharted. 

Why attend:

  • Watch the best unpublished TED2020: Uncharted talks;
  • Listen to live speakers and get to hear their bold ideas;
  • Be together and communicate as only TEDx-ers know how.

You are invited to a bold voyage into uncharted territory. Thrilling glimpses of the landscape ahead are guaranteed. Hold on tight. This journey won't be like any other! 

The event is free to attend but registration is required. Registration does not guarantee a reserved seat, so, please be on time.

Only hungry people allowed - hungry for ideas and for good food. TEDxVitosha is going to move your mind while their hosts, Quartal Food Park, are going to provoke your taste buds with a satisfying list of food and beverage options which you can choose from and buy on the spot.