Dear TEDx-ers,

If travel and biotechnology had a common denominator, its name, undoubtedly, would be UNCHARTED. When the drive to create, always in search of the extraordinary, takes you beyond the familiar horizon.

It is that drive precisely which brings together our two speakers – Anton Penev and Dr. Spas Kerimov - two creators in different fields, with a common destination – the one that is yet to be discovered.

Anton Penev has over 10 years of experience in the tourism industry. He highly values the local and the regional. His adventurous spirit is his compass leading him to aspire to unite Bulgarian tourism.

Dr. Spas Kerimov believes that the first bio printed organ is no more than a decade away while technology is here to help us to dream boldly and on a larger scale.

What does it mean to synthesize the future?

What is behind the number 157?

Come on 08.08.2020 to learn the answers. Come to see firsthand, live some extraordinarily bold ideas worth spreading. Let’s transform the question marks into exclamation ones. Together. 


August 8th 2020, Quartal Food Park, 10 am - 13 pm

video content from TED 2020 and 2 live speakers

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