French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFB) team are excited to invite you to participate in this year's Innovation Awards Contest.

The Contest Innovation Awards aim to recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements in innovation across various sectors. By participating, your company will have the opportunity to showcase its groundbreaking projects, products, or initiatives that have demonstrated creativity, ingenuity, and effectiveness in addressing challenges or driving positive change.

Participation in the contest not only provides valuable recognition but also offers an excellent platform to network with industry peers, gain visibility, and potentially attract investment or partnership opportunities.

Key details about the contest:

Submission deadline: March 11th, 2024


  • Innovative project & idea
  • CSR Project
  • Start-up
  • Innovative city projects (in partnership with Sofia Municipality)
  • Businessperson

Date of the ceremony: April 4th, 2024

Location: Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia

This year they have the pleasure to announce their partnership with Sofia Municipality for the Innovative city projects category within their project “Sandbox for Innovative Solutions”- a program for testing pilot innovative tech solutions related to urban challenges. Solutions will besought for environmental, educational, transport, entrepreneurial, and other issues defined by the city administration, with the goal to turn Sofia into a testing ground for products or services developed locally by Sofia-based companies.

You can submit your application on their website and to inquire further about the contest, please don't hesitate to contact us at 

The CCIFB team believes that your company has a compelling story to share, and they sincerely hope you'll consider participating in this prestigious event. Your involvement will undoubtedly enrich the contest and inspire others in the industry.

Thank you for your time and consideration. The team looks forward to potentially welcoming you as a

participant in the Innovation Awards Contest.