The Rila Hotel, Borovets, starts a new tradition by enriching its cultural program with theatrical performances on the stage of the “Rila” Ballroom. Every connoisseur of Bulgarian art will have the opportunity to enjoy the show in combination with a culinary weekend. 

  • They open the season on 20 July /Saturday/ with the first show in our "Theatre in the Mountains" series - "Chamkoria" - a mesmerizing mono-performance by the incomparable Zahari Bakharov under the direction of Yavor Gardev.
  • On 31 August /Saturday/ they continue with the original concert-performance of Viktor Kalev "The Gramophone". This captivating one-man show combines the personal stories of the actor with musical pieces, thus blending in a unique way theater and music.

Book your holiday at the Rila Hotel here and gift yourself an unforgettable cultural experience with the first in of the "Theatre in the Mountains" series.