We are delighted to announce that the registration for the Career Hive – the largest event specifically targeting Bulgarians with international experience – is now open. The event will take place on 4th September at Inter Expo Center Sofia and offers a great opportunity for BBBA members to find great talent. For member benefits and perks, please read on.

Career Hive is the largest and most buzzing career fair for Bulgarians with international experience who want to grow professionally in Bulgaria.

This year we are expecting over 1,500 candidates with international experience who are looking to start or progress their careers in Bulgaria. If you are looking for great people to join your team or if you want to be part of Tuk-Tam's cause to reverse brain drain, Career Hive is the place!

We've worked really hard to create a different event that puts your needs as both employers and HR professionals on par with those of the candidates. We have prepared an action-packed day with many new activities that we cannot wait to tell you about!

All members of BBBA receive 10% discount on the sponsorship opportunities, as well as:

Partner “Here” – will receive access to the HR Private Hive Zone

Partner “There” – will receive 2x30 min in the Confessions of a Workaholic Zone 

Partner “Here-There” – will receive sponsored post in the mobile app

You can see the opportunities to join and register your place here today.

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