Digital clients of UBB may apply for a loan up to BGN 35 000 without visiting a branch of the bank

United Bulgarian Bank, part of the Belgian bank-insurance group КВС, provides yet another digital facilitation for individuals. As of today every individual, willing to become a client of UBB, may go through the process in a fully remote way – via the mobile banking functionality UBB Mobile. 

Users only need to download the Bank’s mobile app UBB Mobile and follow the steps there – fill out their main details, download the Evrotrust authentication app, where they need to identify themselves, enter the additional data in the mobile app of the Bank and finally confirm to UBB the generated documents in the Evrotrust mobile app. The whole process can be executed within 15 minutes, anytime, anywhere. 

Immediately after that users become full-fledged clients of UBB, able to enjoy the dozens of advantages as users of UBB and UBB Mobile, among which: applying for a consumer loan up to BGN 35 000; online payments in Bulgarian leva and foreign currencies with a fingerprint for enhanced security (or face recognition) between own accounts, to third persons/entities, to the State Budget; monitoring of account balances and movements, filtering based on own criteria; applying for a debit and credit card; deposit opening; blocking and activating cards in real time; deferral of credit card purchases into 3, 6, 9 and 12 installments; registration and free-of-charge payment of utility bills; mOBBi pre-approved consumer loan as a standing offer, available in case of need; conclusion of a Travel Abroad Insurance policy. 

Boyko Krastanov, actor at Zad Kanala Small City Theatre, was the first user to become convinced as to how easy the process runs. He was also a sort of a host of the event for presenting the fully digitalized process. 

„3 months ago, COVID-19 "threw" us into the future. We found ourselves in an unfamiliar situation, which we had been preparing for for years, and we had to implement for days. All these years we have been talking about digital future and remote services, but we had not put it into practice. The digital future had not been truly tested. Today you have the opportunity to become a client of UBB immediately, without ever entering its branch. The great physical barrier for the elderly and the great mental barrier for the younger generation to visit a bank branch to use its services has been removed. Today we are not talking about the future, but about the present“, commented on the new process Peter Andronov, Chief Executive Officer of UBB. 

„Our ambition is within 2 years to be offering in a fully digital way via the mobile banking all main banking and insurance products“, added Tatyana Ivanova, Executive Director Marketing and Distribution – Retail Banking at UBB. 

In order to become UBB clients in a fully digital way and for the first time straight-through their phones via UBB Mobile users only need to download the mobile apps UBB Mobile and Evrotrust, available in Google Play and App Store. 


For more information: 

Mila Milenova 

Corporate and Marketing Communications Director 

Country Communications Manager, KBC Group Bulgaria 

Phone: +359878526303