Yavor Kostov, director of "Agencies" at Cushman & Wakefield Forton, becomes managing partner. The consulting company is a leader on our market and part of the largest holding company for real estate services in Bulgaria - Realto Group.

Yavor Kostov joined Forton in 2013 after having rich experience at management positions in investment companies and financial institutions. Kostov has serious professional experience in real estate investments, realising some of the most significant investment deals on the market in recent years. He has a master's degree in Finance from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia.

Mihaela Lashova has been working in the company for 15 years, and in 2010 she was invited as a partner with responsibilities for business development, formulation and provision of complex services. For the past 10 years she has acted as the executive director. Lashova has a bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a master's degree in financial management from City University of Seattle. Since 2010 she has been a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the first RICS ambassador to Bulgaria. She is a member of the AIBEST Board and actively participates in the activities of the organization. Under Lashova's management, Forton established itself as a leader in the commercial real estate market in Bulgaria, participated in important deals in the country and entered the residential real estate market.

As Chair of the Board of Directors, she will continue to be responsible for achieving the company's strategic goals. The change is part of the company's strategy for continuity and development of key team members.

Source: www.economy.bg