Nikolai Logofetov

Nikolai Logofetov has been in the Insurance industry for more than 25 years since 1995. His first company was Bulstrad Life, now part of Vienna Insurance group, then shortly he was part of the leading team of AIG Life and since 1999 for more than 15 years he was CEO and Chairman of the Management board of the Austrian company Grawe Bulgaria, starting as a green field operation and  became one of the leading endowment insurance companies in Bulgaria. 

At present Nikolai is CEO and Chairman of the Management board of Bulgaria Insurance, part of a large banking, insurance, and hotel group and one of the leaders in Health Insurance in Bulgaria.


We have recently been pleased to be able to offer the services of AXA PPP healthcare, UK private medical insurance provider, part of the AXA group of companies which has been active on the Bulgarian market for the past four years, and we are their sole official representative in Bulgaria.

Five years ago, AXA were looking for a Bulgarian representative with an existing network of clients in the health insurance sector. Through AXA we have been able to offer one of the market leading international health products “Health Without Borders” insurance. We have also developed a partnership with other branches of AXA, notably their Greek headquarters, through which we offer another product “Emergency Home Assistance”.

Core business

Our core business is Health insurance and we are one of the top three market leaders in Bulgaria. “Health Without Borders” is a really great product, unlike anything else on the market and we are pleased and honoured to have it in our portfolio.

“Health Without Borders” provides cover for health expenses all over the world, making it different to all existing products on the Bulgarian market. Two or three other companies have similar products but not in the same range or such variety. We can offer cover worldwide including the USA and Canada. We also offer a purely European package.

Covid 19

Despite the current Covid 19 situation, our core business has remained stable since we offer mainly corporate health insurance, bank products, property insurance, and accident insurance etc.

Market presence in Bulgaria

Our main market is Sofia and the region, although we are rapidly expanding through our network of brokers and partners in other cities. We have many major clients with branches through the country and so we cover the whole country. Also, we have very good brokers in some of the big cities, like Varna and Plovdiv which are developing over the last 5-6 years.

Through AXA PPP healthcare we offer a wide range of individual products. In fact, more than 80% of our AXA business is individual insurance. Nevertheless, we also offer group policies with discounts, and attractive conditions for group clients. We have many expats and clients working in foreign companies and clients who know AXA as a global player for health insurance. They come to us since they know the products from other countries.

Yet AXA is not one of the most popular brands in Bulgaria, since it has never really had any traditional presence in Bulgaria, unlike Allianz, Generali, VIG or Uniqa. On the other hand, expats and people who have worked abroad for many years know AXA very well and appreciate our experience and high-quality services. Insurance professionals and brokers also know the name.

We now have contracts with many brokers on the market. Our focus is on health insurance and the other products which we offer – property, household, accident, and risk insurance.