Cleves Bulgaria was set up 12 years ago with our first project - Embassy Suites. Since then we have grown and currently own nearly 100 fully serviced rental properties in Sofia. We also manage another 30 plus apartments, for example the new luxury facility in San Stefano. 

We are focused on the Sofia market only, providing services to all the Embassies located here as well as corporate clients. There are a few private individuals but these are only 5-6% of total revenue. We provide our clients with short-term and long-term rental opportunities - from 3 nights to multiple years. This way we can accommodate clients coming for a full mandate of 3-5 years, or people coming for a single trip. 

Sofia centric

Bulgaria is our main company of operation. Some of our shareholders own and manage properties outside Bulgaria, but Cleves was set up for the sole purpose of Sofia properties. 

The expectation was that this would provide Bulgaria with a significant degree of political and economic certainty and investment safety. We’re happy to say that this has been our experience. We always found the administration and authorities helpful. Accounting and finance standards in Bulgaria comply with the requirements of multi-national companies and the Embassies we work with. 

Competitive advantage

The main difference between us and other competitor companies is that we own the properties that we let. There are other companies and private individuals who offer what they call fully-serviced apartments. The problem is that in many cases they do not own the properties and they are not fully in charge of all the processes involved in the properties. This means that when there’s a problem we can fix it immediately. Whether it’s a problem with the neighbours, security, noise or anything else. We can move and upgrade tenants. Our goal is to provide the whole environment, not just the apartment that you’re renting. We are very keen on finding the right properties with the right environment around them. 

Outsourcing of services

In order to focus on our core competitive advantage which is high-quality customer service, we have outsourced a number of services. These include finance and accounting services, cleaning and facilities management. We have an in-house team which maintains the relationship with the clients. We have a 24/7 telephone number, so even if you have a problem at two o clock in the morning or at the weekend we can deal with it. Outsourcing enables us to provide the very highest quality possible. The services providers that we have selected are at the top of their fields. We make sure that they continuously provide good quality services.

One-stop shop

Many expats who arrive in Bulgaria for the first time don’t know who to call on for rental services, for doctors, or in general how to find a range of services, shops retails. We provide all these services and advice, from the moment that they land in Sofia. We send a car to pick them up, and look after them in every way. This has always been our main competitive advantage, and it is very much appreciated by our clients.

We also provide administrative support for residence permits through service companies which are reliable and have been tested over time. We can facilitate the entire process of applying for visas, and ID cards.